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Anti Aging Mesotherapy

Our knowledge of skin as a complex, immune, multifunctional organ is constantly evolving, including our insights into the skin aging process.13 Recent histological, biochemical and biomolecular evidence has broadened our understanding of skin cell function and aging and provided new information on cell-to-cell interactions and particular features of intermolecular transport and communication.47 This has provided an important stimulus to the development of new mesotherapy solutions as anti-aging treatments. Mesotherapy is a technique that involves micro-injections of therapeutic substances, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into the superficial papillary dermis of the skin.8 This allows active and essential ingredients to come directly into contact with the dermal fibroblast cells that are key to the more favorable appearance of younger skin, and (in theory) have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes.

The range of available mesotherapy solutions widens choice for the practitioner, but also presents them with a challenge. In addition to having a good fundamental knowledge of dermatology and cosmetology, the practitioner may also benefit from an understanding of the physiological effects of the individual components of a particular formulation. Such knowledge should help to demystify the rationale behind the complex composition of polycomponent mesotherapies and aid judicious therapeutic choices.

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